Incorporating views of subject matter experts can make thought leadership pieces effective

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May 18, 2020, 3:16 PM UTC

Thought leadership content pieces are especially important for B2B marketing, which has a longer buying cycle.

This piece argues executing thought leadership can help businesses display their expertise and gain trust and credibility. Brands should develop buyer personas based on audience demographics and consumer preferences to understand the main challenges and pain points.

The thought leadership pieces should look to provide solutions to the audiences' queries and provide them with an in-depth perspective around a particular field or topic. Including their own unique experience along with leveraging the thoughts and ideas of subject matter experts (SMEs) can help make thought leadership content more compelling.

Marketers can add expert insights or cite original research and data in their thought leadership pieces to establish authority. Businesses and SMEs can also use their official social media handles and other platforms like trade conferences to showcase their expertise on a specific subject.

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