Marketers should leverage AI-powered tools to avoid ad fraud

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May 15, 2020, 1:12 PM UTC

Businesses will lose an estimated 30% of their media spend due to ad fraud in 2020.

With ad-serving technology advancing rapidly, ad fraud has become increasingly common and complex. Earlier this year, Google removed nearly 600 apps from its play store for being involved in some kind of ad fraud.

Previously advertisers had to depend on networks like Google to fight ad fraud, as they did not have the requisite tools. But, brands can now use AI-powered tools to monitor digital ad campaigns and user metrics to ensure the traffic directed to them is legitimate.

Ensuring transparency between the publishers and advertises by deploying ads.txt file can help companies reduce their exposure to fraud. Marketers should also do their due diligence before advertising and limit the ad-spend on fraudulent ad channels.

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