Brands should optimise marketing videos according to different social channels to enhance engagement

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May 15, 2020, 5:02 PM UTC

Marketers should choose the thumbnail, title and meta description based on each platform.

Businesses should understand each marketing channel before creating their video marketing strategy. Every platform has different practices, rules and attention spans. This piece recommends marketers should optimise videos according to each platform to achieve maximum potential.

Brands should employ a holistic approach to assess where their videos fit into their overall content strategy. Businesses should allocate their budgets to three main categories – content production, distribution and paid promotion – efficiently balance marketing as COVID-19 is affecting businesses’ revenue generation.

Marketers should try out a specific component of their videos through A/B testing or focus groups to check their performance. Businesses can track watch times, shares and user behaviours or review and filter comments, using reporting tools on different social channels to monitor engagement.

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