Brands must view marketing from a consumer’s perspective to communicate empathy

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May 15, 2020, 1:55 AM UTC

Focus on “Matchmaking” rather than “Targeting” to meet consumers’ essential needs instead of selling non-essential products.

This article states that during crises, brands should look at marketing from the consumers' perspective to understand them better and effectively communicate empathy and care. Creating campaigns based on compassion and empathy can help businesses connect with consumers.

Businesses must leverage this opportunity to build long-term relationships with consumers and communicate their intention towards fostering “business as usual” relationships. B2B companies should pay more attention to their consumers’ birthdays, family events, and life events.

Consistently making efforts to take care of consumers can further help marketers build personal relationships and create brand advocates. The author contends having business empathy can help brands grow their businesses, and develop and maintain healthy relationships with consumers.

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