Addressing a single reader in the content can help brands add a conversational tone in stories

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May 15, 2020, 6:19 PM UTC

Writers should prefer using simpler words and avoid long sentences to make their writing compact.

This piece suggests tips for writing content in a conversational tone, which can help increase user engagement. Drafting content that addresses a single reader can help brands make their articles friendlier and personalised. Writers can consider beginning their content with a question to anchor readers’ attention.

Marketers can also start their content with a story to build an emotional connect with their audience. Including personal experiences, describing feelings and emotions and aligning the story with a message can make the content more effective.

Writers should avoid using jargon to make their content relatable. Businesses should empathise with their audiences and help customers solve their problems. They can also use examples in their blog posts to strengthen their messages and make them easily understandable.

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