Marketers should decide clear objectives for each social channel to better serve their audiences

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May 14, 2020, 5:05 PM UTC

They can further filter out low performing channels or use them only for gathering feedback.

This piece argues brands should review activities on all social media channels to improve their content marketing efforts. Businesses should plan clear objectives for each social channels to effectively distribute time. They should further invest in content, cadence and resources” to turn channels from “OK” to better, or remove them from the marketing strategy.

Brands can tilt their content to tell about a topic differently to attract audience attention. Focusing on a high niche audience area or an underserved section of the audience groups can help businesses stay relevant.

Involving all employees in the content creation process is important for businesses to acquire and retain customers. For instance, marketers can send email newsletters to the salespeople to notify them of the new content initiatives and different ways of using it.

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