Sales professionals in a virtual setting must be alert and should take charge of the meeting

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May 13, 2020, 1:43 AM UTC

Create a positive tone and set the context in virtual sales meetings.

This article states with virtual meetings increasing amid COVID-19, salespeople must improve their virtual selling skills for a more engaging and connected buying experience. They must avoid technology-related interruptions or delays and arm themselves with exceptional preparation, enhanced communication and careful meeting facilitation.

Appearing confident on the camera allows sales professionals to make their prospects feel more comfortable and take charge of the meeting. Be acquainted with the clients' needs, plan conversations with tools like Salesforce to ensure a natural flow on the call.

Communicate directly with every decision-maker by asking questions and seek feedback on virtual calls to effectively engage them. To leave a positive impression and build rapport, emphasise on the value of a solution and articulate clients' personal commitment.

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