Giving proper names to image files can help optimise them for visual searches

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May 13, 2020, 9:55 AM UTC

Image search has increased by 60% in the recent years

Marketers should ensure their images have precisely-worded file names that include keywords and informs about the image to properly leverage SEO. Adding keywords within filename allows for image URLs to be easily found by search engines.

Using a complete description of the content in Alt text along with keywords in the file name can enable search engines to index the image properly and let it to appear in relevant visual searches. Filing out meta titles and meta descriptions, and using proper names for image titles can further make it easier to be found.

Smaller image sizes with their faster loading times can improve the chances of users clicking on the image during a search. While smaller sized JPGs and GIFs are ideal for web images, PNGs should be used only when a high-quality image is needed.

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