Sustainability is more important ever for brands

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May 12, 2020, 5:43 PM UTC

The crisis might serve as a prelude on how society might react to climate change.

The pandemic has made it clear that brands will need to pivot towards a more sustainable approach if they want to stay relevant to their consumers. The systemic changes that businesses brought about in a short time have dissipated the idea that sustainable gaols are too expensive or unrealistic.

With experts warning that pandemics will become more frequent, brands will have a tough time justifying not moving towards a sustainable model. It will make more economic sense to invest in sustainability rather than ignoring the crisis.

Marketing around sustainability will also need to innovate faster than before and adapt to changing times. While some marketers are innovating, they will need to prioritise agility and cross-department collaboration. Taking a short-term revenue hit by reducing premiums on sustainability can help build long-term brand equity.  

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