A crisis management plan can help brands address and recover from a crisis effectively

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May 12, 2020, 2:20 PM UTC

CMP’s can save time by clearly demarcating roles and tasks for individuals within the company.

Brands need to build up long-term reputation capital, so they are seen as essential for individuals as well as the wider society. This capital can be built by having a crisis management plan in place that can quickly address and recover during a crisis.

Businesses should ensure that their executives do not appear out of touch or ill-prepared during a crisis. Executive actions and decisions during an emergency are closely scrutinised and appraised by consumers when they evaluate their long-term relationship with the business.

Keeping track of competitors can also help brands quickly fix any blind spots that have been identified by the competition. Brands should also strive to be thoughtful and meaningful in their community out-reach and inform about the steps taken to remedy the crisis.

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