Serve informative content on Facebook and compelling videos and photos on Instagram

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May 08, 2020, 8:56 AM UTC

Facebook covers nearly all audience segments and Instagram’s demographic skews comparatively younger.

This article breaks down the ad components of Instagram and Facebook to help marketers evaluate which platform could best suit them. Both Facebook and Instagram ads could be managed through Facebook. Boosting a post allows brands to enhance ad engagement on both networks.

Where Facebook provides a multitude of combinations and previews to test ads, brands can create ads on existing stories or posts on Instagram. To increase follower count, marketers should ensure their target audience is actually present on the platform.

With Instagram and Facebook having technically the same ad types, brands should evaluate content and campaign goals. Informative content performs well on Facebook, while compelling videos and photos suit Instagram. Testing various content types and objectives on the same audience helps improve ad performance.

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