Offering special perks to loyal customers in the retargeting emails can help brands enhance CX

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May 07, 2020, 5:35 PM UTC

Before sending retargeting emails, businesses should strengthen their digital assets and customer journeys.

This piece suggests businesses can use marketing automation tools to segment customers during COVID-19 pandemic, before creating their campaigns. Businesses can offer special perks, freebies or discount coupons to their loyal customers in their retargeting emails.

In case of a temporary pause in the shipping services or customer not being able to afford the goods, brands can recommend products that customers can add to their wish-list. Marketers can also offer alternative ways to their customers to show them support. They can encourage customers to engage with brands on their common platforms.

Marketers can further consider reshaping themselves into temporary business models that support more essential operations during the crisis. But, brands should prioritise their customers’ privacy and keep their consumer data secure.

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