Designing popups around user experience makes them relevant to consumers

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May 07, 2020, 11:55 AM UTC

Using popups effectively can help brands collect data to nurture leads and remind customers of their offers.

Marketers should design popups that are built around the user journey and encourages them to delve deeper. Popups should be relevant to the page they appear on and should also be pertinent to where the brand wants to lead the consumer.

With 80% of people only reading headlines, marketers should ensure that their popup headlines showcase their offer. Ensuring that the CTA is simple enough to fit in a headline can make them effective for popups.

Site designers should also ensure that it is easy for customers to navigate away from the popup. Brands should not appear condescending to consumers who don’t want their offers. A failure to do so can lead to consumer resentment and may lead them to exit the site altogether. 

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