Brands must be responsible towards people and address macro issues of their community amid COVID-19

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May 07, 2020, 2:14 AM UTC

Sacrifice short-term benefits and core components of capitalism to build trust among consumers.

This article states that during times like these, businesses' focal point should be the consumers and the collective issues faced by their community. During economic uncertainties, businesses should strive to protect their reputation and communicate with all stakeholders in real-time with “clarity and cadence”.

Communicating across multiple channels can help brands improve transparency and promote dialogue among consumers. With businesses having a wider impact on the community during the pandemic, they should ensure their actions do not harm consumers.

Offering resources like food and cleaning supplies and communicating critical information like business operations can help brands improve their relationships with local communities. The author contends a human-first approach with clear and emphatic communication can help brands build trust.

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