GenZ is looking for fun, exciting ads

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May 06, 2020, 9:58 AM UTC

Ads, which are woven around the themes like “things are different now” are low on GenZ’s preferences. 

With 50% of GenZ customers saying they are bored during the pandemic, they are looking for uplifting and fun advertisements, according to a survey by market researcher Magid. Data suggests that marketers can move to a lighter tone in their advertising while still being careful about public health concerns.

While 42% of GenZ is looking for fun content, 27% are seeking content they describe as exciting. Other genres popular with younger consumers are romantic (29%) and scary (24%). GenZ is also more likely to enjoy relatable (18%), sad (15%) or disturbing (11%) content than older adults.

Humorous ads were the least common but still ranked sixth among the ads that are “good to see.” The lack of funny ads allows for an opportunity to introduce levity in ads.

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