Enhance internal communication with transparency during a crisis to build trust among employees

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May 06, 2020, 1:47 AM UTC

Brief video messages, livestreams, or a town hall format can help brands communicate internally.

This piece suggests ways in which brands can improve internal communications and aligning it with external crisis messaging to meet communication goals. Marketers should prioritise and optimise internal communication efforts with transparency and honesty to build trust among employees.

Craft and send comforting messaging using a sensitive tone and style to employees at appropriate times. Brands should listen to employee feedback and respond with positive, encouraging, and supportive messages.

Passing on information about change management can help businesses make their associates understand the impact of the change and embrace it. Fact-checking any information before sharing internally or externally can prevent confusion among employees and customers. Consider the communication platform, craft clear messaging, and repeat the information multiple times for its effectiveness.

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