Data standardisation can enable easy cost-efficient analysis and trend discovery

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May 05, 2020, 5:25 PM UTC

Scattered data can be time-consuming and expensive to access and process.

Marketers need access to data from across silos in a common, usable format to understand, acquire and retain customers. While standardisation can be daunting, categorising data sets into predetermined fields can help in storing it in a consistent format.

Building an inventory of all data sources and requirements and drawing up rules and applying filters can help organise data in an orderly fashion. Companies can overcome the problem of data fragmentation by collecting only the data they need. This assists not just in complying with the GDPR but also helps in generating more value out of the data.

Leveraging automated tools to control input and organising data when it first lands can make the process easier. Automation also allows businesses to reduce costs, and increase customer acquisition and satisfaction. 

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