Brands should add clear and concise details on their product landing pages to build customer trust

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May 05, 2020, 3:11 PM UTC

According to Forbes, 88% of buyers consider detailed information on the product as an important factor in their purchase decisions.

This piece suggests marketers should include clear and concise information about their products on their product landing pages to build trust. Offering information like the story behind the brand, material and craftsmanship, to the users, can help businesses earn credibility.

Brands can add videos on their product landing pages to showcase products from different angles that can help customers better visualise the product. Leveraging videos can also help businesses convey more information in less time, which can ultimately enhance conversions.

Marketers should include personalised offers and product recommendations among others to their visitors based on their previous activities to provide a better shopping experience. Brands can further add customer reviews to their product landing pages to increase purchase probability.

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