Brands must leverage Twitter’s Fleets to communicate with their audience amid COVID-19

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May 05, 2020, 1:07 PM UTC

Fleets, like usual tweets, are text-based with a character limit and are similar to Instagram Stories.

Twitter’s Fleets, announced in March, presents brands with an opportunity to effectively communicate and engage with audiences amid the pandemic. Fleets are Twitter stories that remain active for 24 hours.

Brands could develop a content strategy that contemplates what consumers expect from Twitter and craft fresh content for Fleets. The feature can be used to communicate time-sensitive information like flash sales, discount codes and giveaways with consumers during time constraints.

Finding an authentic voice that resonates with a Twitter audience is recommended to build community support. Creating a string of several Fleets or chronologically telling a story about a brand can help resonate with Twitter’s “consummate professional” brand voice.

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