Acknowledging the current crisis in emails can help PR agencies add a human element to the pitches

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May 05, 2020, 4:59 PM UTC

Organisations should stay flexible for learning while adapting to the new changes.

This piece argues empathetic leadership is important for PR agencies to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Re-educating clients on their appropriate participation in the conversations while being empathetic can help PR organisations have a smooth transition to the new normal.

Sending emails that are sensitive to the current crisis and recognising the unfolding “tragedy” can add a human element to pitches. Maintaining regular communication with clients also holds importance for PR agencies to handle the current situation.

PR agencies should further help their clients to figure out how to present themselves during the uncertain time. Businesses should also ensure they distribute the how-to guidelines on the new technologies they are using, to all the employees and clients to make them well versed with their usage.

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