Using plant-based materials for packaging can help ecommerce businesses maintain sustainability  ​

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May 04, 2020, 11:25 AM UTC

Brands, especially the ones selling food and beverages, can consider edible packaging options.

This argues ecommerce businesses should practice sustainable packaging strategies to minimise the waste and pollution levels on earth. Studies show that adopting sustainable solutions can also help businesses boost customer loyalty as sustainability holds considerable importance in their purchase decisions.

Businesses can leverage plant-based packaging materials, depending on the type of product, to maintain sustainability. Marketers can further use plantable packaging for small and lightweight products. This type of packaging contains embedded plant seeds that customers can plant after using the product.

Reducing the use of packaging material and using smaller containers to deliver products can help businesses reduce ecological footprints. Shipments with reduced sizes can also help brands get efficient storage methods and lower shipping costs.

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