Handle negative reactions to ad campaigns using social listening tools

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May 04, 2020, 6:55 AM UTC

Addressing negative comments by apologising head-on lets brands avoid being seen as complicit.

This piece suggests strategies brands can use to address negative reactions to ad campaigns. Social listening tools can help marketers detect and monitor negative sentiments early-on and manage public relations efficiently.

Being compassionate and kind towards negative reactions and explaining the brand’s actions helps project a positive company image while demonstrating care for its audiences. Companies should be proactive about reactions, they should gather data, ask questions, and explain their case to audiences to show they care.

However, marketers should take time to compose their statements and avoid constantly justifying the company’s actions, as this could be perceived as an overreaction. Try to identify if there’s a “positive spin” among the negative sentiments which could be used to build brand awareness and gain publicity.

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