Analysing competitors’ website traffic can help brands improve upcoming digital marketing campaigns

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May 04, 2020, 3:44 PM UTC

Competitor analysis can help marketers evaluate their performance and include learning into their digital marketing strategies.

This piece argues businesses should analyse their competitors’ digital marketing strategies and incorporate the findings into their upcoming campaigns. Marketers can analyse their competitors’ website traffic to get an outlook on their performance.

Analysing competitors’ SEO strategies can further help marketers optimise campaigns and content by targeting the right keywords. Businesses can track their target website’s daily organic search to identify competitors’ best keywords, average monthly search traffic and most successful pages.

Brands can analyse their competitors’ online ads to gather information like estimated paid traffic costs and the number of keywords they are bidding on, among others. Marketers can also track their competitors’ online mentions, social media presence, overall reputation and the number of backlinks to understand their target audiences.

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