Retailers should ensure the unobstructed flow of information to customers before reopening stores

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April 30, 2020, 4:51 PM UTC

Managing expectations and delivering the promise can help brands retain customer loyalty.

This piece argues that while some retailers have decided to reopen stores to restore their usual businesses, the activity will depend upon each state’s ordinances and agreements. But, before reopening the stores, retailers should ensure that their systems are functional to provide an unobstructed flow of information to the customers.

Businesses should further resolve the out-of-stock situations that customers acknowledged during the crisis. Businesses should provide clear information to customers and inform them when the shelves are refilled with highly demanded products.

The gradual revoking of restrictions can also result in off-price retailers attracting buyers with opportunistic buying and special value offers. But, retailers and mall owners should show their concern for customer safety and take necessary cautions as many shoppers might refrain from shopping in crowded places.

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