Embracing cultural differences in the younger generation can help brands avoid marketing pitfalls

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April 30, 2020, 5:19 PM UTC

Understanding the distinctions among young demographics can help marketers better understand their underlying motivations.

This piece argues marketers should shift their perspectives from stereotyping to learning to better understand and target the younger audiences. Millennials and GenZ are difficult to generalise due to diversity in terms of their identities, background, tastes and media consumption habits.

Brands should not apply the previous understanding and embrace changes to effectively reach the younger generations. Marketers can also target the commonalities among these audiences and address their common sentiments as they appreciate belongingness.

Companies should learn to self-express from these younger generations like Gen Z and understand their way of expressing appreciation, love and seeking approval to earn their brand loyalty. Marketers can keep an eye on their social media behaviour to understand their preferences.

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