With ad inventory becoming cheaper it is the right time for brands to test video ads

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April 30, 2020, 10:09 AM UTC

Stuck-at-home consumers are increasingly looking for video content.

Brands should not worry about using amateur grade content production to make videos, especially during the pandemic, as they come across more authentic. With many people telecommuting, amateur video content has become a norm and even talk shows are using rough video content.

Marketers should also not over-emphasise sentimentality in their video ads as it can boomerang, because consumers can usually see through the ploy. In any case, most consumers use social media to take a breather from the news and are looking to be entertained.

But, businesses should ensure they are empathic and genuine in the messaging while making sure they approach videos with the right tone. Marketers should also review their pre-pandemic creatives to make sure the message is still appropriate, and make changes if necessary.

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