Technological innovators should consider data security a “hygiene factor” to attract consumers

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April 29, 2020, 4:25 PM UTC

A cited study found only 24% of consumers think companies are doing enough to ensure their devices are keeping personal data secure.

This piece argues that while the use of technological devices and services is important, organisations should also consider consumer’s perspectives on data security. With more consumers getting concerned about data protection, security has become a key factor in their purchase decisions, which is likely to grow in the future.

The author says that innovations like contact tracing apps rely more on consumer data collection to provide more personalised experiences. But, technological innovators need to consider data security as a “hygiene factor” while making innovations.

Businesses should also clarify how their innovations are secure and what they’re doing to protect customer data. Organisations can face a “backlash” if they fail to protect customers’ personal information or face a security breach.

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