Marketers can consider targeting essential service providers in their post-pandemic campaigns

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April 29, 2020, 6:12 PM UTC

But, they should keep the ad frequency low to avoid annoying customers.

This piece suggests businesses should focus on important indicators like product and service searches to monitor trends post COVID-19 for implementing effective marketing strategies. To re-launch campaigns, marketers should start with paid search branded keywords and social messages to target the people who are specifically seeking out their brands.

Businesses should target essential service providers such as medical professionals and delivery drivers, and offer products/services that are truly helpful to them. Marketers can use content marketing and email campaigns, irrespective of the inbound channels, to target these service providers.

Organisations should avoid the door-buster sales strategy or one-day-only markdown campaigns to avoid looking tone-deaf in the crisis. Sending a quick survey on new marketing campaigns to loyal customers with some incentives can help businesses anticipate the campaign's success.

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