Acknowledge customer comments on social media and take necessary steps to improve business processes

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April 29, 2020, 5:46 PM UTC

Social listening can help brands identify the pain points of their target audience.

This piece suggests ways that marketers can leverage to create better social listening on social platforms like Twitter. Businesses can set a reminder to check their Twitter notifications on regular intervals to respond to tagged posts. Marketers can also leverage Twitter’s advanced search feature to look for their brand mentions on the platform.

While responding to the tags, comments or mentions on Twitter, brands should ensure they provide value to the customers through their answers. Marketers should avoid random sales pitches in their responses while serving their target audience to build better relationships.

Marketers should acknowledge negative posts related to their brands and respond respectfully to resolve situations. Marketers can also leverage tools like Brand24 to track online conversations, brand mentions and monitor consumer sentiment on Twitter.

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