Marketers can create video content in listicles format to market their brands on YouTube​

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April 27, 2020, 6:01 PM UTC

Listicles are easy to consume and eye-catchy, which can help brands immediately grab viewers’ attention.

This piece suggests ways that brands can leverage videos to effectively market their products through videos on YouTube. Marketers can make their videos in the listicles format to create short content to deliver to the point information to their audiences.

Businesses should include relevant tags in their videos and channels to improve SEO on YouTube and better promote their content. Marketers should also include the most effective and relevant keywords in their video descriptions to improve search rankings.

Brands should carefully choose headlines for their videos and include primary keywords at the beginning of the headline to improve organic SEO. Businesses can also create customised thumbnails that include visuals from the video to make their content more attractive.

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