Develop a 301 redirect strategy while redesigning websites

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April 27, 2020, 7:18 AM UTC

Focusing on a keyword or topic for each page can help marketers optimise them during the redesign.

This article provides steps brands can implement to redesign websites for better performance and conversions. Brands must keep track of their 301 redirects as they help retaining traffic and link value of a particular page.

Marketers should take stock of high-performing content assets like high traffic pages, number of inbound links to certain pages and more to ensure the effectiveness of the website even after the redesign. While redesigning the website, craft content around buyer personas to ensure alignment with branding.

Being clear about preferred branding, messaging and unique value proposition of the website redesign is recommended to maintain a consistent tone and look all across. Brands should record performance metrics like bounce rate, new leads and more to improve areas depending on the website goals.

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