Marketers should use long-tail keywords in their voice search strategy

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April 24, 2020, 1:22 PM UTC

Improving voice search strategies can help businesses prepare for future trends.

This piece suggests ways that businesses can optimise their websites to improve their voice search rankings. Marketers should aim for position zero while optimising voice searches as technology like Siri, and Alexa often read the content that appears on position zero.

As mobile SEO rankings affect voice searches, marketers should make their content voice search-friendly while revising it for their mobile websites. Businesses should have a conversational approach towards voice search strategies as people often use personal and informal tone with machines.

Bob McKay, founder of McKay Advertising + Activation recommends that voice search keywords should have casual tone and be structured as an answer to a question. He further adds that longer keywords bring higher specificity to voice searches.

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