Previously popular content can be used as inspiration for fresh content

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April 23, 2020, 3:46 PM UTC

Marketers can keep track of the projects that were “home-runs” within each vertical.

This piece suggests businesses can repurpose the ideas and execution that have successfully worked for them in the past to create new content. Marketers can consider “social proof of concept” that they have used in the past to identify the promotional viability of the topic in the present scenario.

Brands can update old information that is relevant to the ongoing trends in the market to educate and engage with their audiences. Using trending news, social media trends, and Reddit can help marketers identify new pivots for old topics.

Businesses can refer back to the performance metrics of past ideas and refresh their better-performing content. Marketers can further audit the projects that had the maximum shares on social media and schedule similar new posts to increase social engagement.

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