Google to require advertisers to submit their personal IDs and business documents for verification

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April 23, 2020, 5:40 PM GMT+0

The business verification program will start in the United States and then expand globally.

Google has announced that advertisers will have to submit their personal IDs and business documents to verify their identities and business locations. The new identification standards are an extension of Google’s political ad transparency policy which it implemented in 2018 along with Facebook.

Under the political ad transparency policy, political advertisers were supposed to submit government-issued IDs and documentation for verification. This piece states that Google’s expansion of its political transparency policy to all the advertisers would provide important data to users.

The tech giant has also created new user controls for its Chrome browser and Google accounts that would help people understand why have been targeted. Google’s director of product management for ad integrity, John Canfield stated that the advertising controls would help people make “more informed” decisions.

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