Consistently creating original content can help marketers build their personal brand

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April 23, 2020, 7:49 PM UTC

They don’t need to be subject matter experts but should be willing to share their journey.

This piece argues it doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming to become “known”, but marketers need to reach their audiences effectively. Creating original and consistent content is the key to build a personal brand. They should have a defined “sustainable interest” and develop relevant, consistent and human content to reach their target audiences.

Building an actionable audience can help individuals become known in their niches. But, marketers should figure out the ideal content format - videos or blogs - that works for them. They should further identify the social media platforms where their ideal audiences are active.

The author suggests marketers should effectively measure their progress. The number of interview requests and inquiries can help marketers determine whether their efforts are working.

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