SEO continues to play a crucial role in search behaviour despite new SERP elements

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April 22, 2020, 3:11 PM UTC

Moz conducted a study to understand user response to SERPs using eye-tracking, facial recognition analysis and galvanic skin response. 

The study found nature of search has a sizeable impact on the engagement behaviour, even when similar SERP layouts are displayed. Even with Google’s new features like snippets, Knowledge Graph and “People also ask”, traditional PPC ads and SEO listings continue to be pivotal in search behaviour.

The research discovered that “a lot of SEO is now about context.” Featured snippets were also highly useful in informational or educational searches. 66% of people clicked through them, and people spent a “fairly lengthy period of time” perusing them.

Only 33% of users chose not to follow through the site after finding an answer on a featured snippet. However, irrelevant or incorrect information on featured snippets can turn off people.

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