Marketers should evaluate influencers based on their niche and authentic followers

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April 22, 2020, 11:05 AM UTC

Unlike earlier days, brands now have access to a variety of influencers within their niche apart from celebrities.

Though brands have numerous opportunities to leverage influencer marketing, they should be cautious about influencers’ authenticity. Influencers can buy thousands of fake followers to pad their follower numbers. Marketers should use online tools like FakeCheck to find the exact amount of real followers before finalising an influencer partnership.

Businesses should also look for influencers who fit within their niche to reach their prospects effectively. Brands should further partner with influencers that create naturally persuasive content to engage with their followers.

The author suggests companies should look at the influencers’ portfolio to understand their creative strategies while also looking up feedback from other brand investors. Marketers should further avoid partnering with influencers who promote offensive content.

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