Marketers must test users to identify the needs of new online users amid COVID-19

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April 22, 2020, 6:50 PM UTC

McKinsey April 2020 report found numerous users are interacting with online brands for the first time.

Available user data does not capture the needs of consumers, who are exploring online services like grocery delivery or remote learning for the first time, due to the lockdown. Brands must conduct tests to learn more about these users as data indicates many consumers would continue to shop online post the pandemic.

The McKinsey survey also found that in almost every category that experienced growth, at least four in 10 US consumers intended to continue or increase usage after the crisis. Marketers should also note consumers are purchasing new types of items during the pandemic.

The author contends that brands must test out UX and messaging to highlight newly popular products. They should also lay out a future business strategy for new customers.

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