Experiential marketers should explore creative ways to accommodate new social norms post-COVID-19

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April 22, 2020, 11:55 AM UTC

Craft experiential experiences that are human-centric and equipped for a post-pandemic world.

This article states brands must create actionable strategies for experiential marketing to accommodate new social norms adopted by the people during the pandemic. Crafting innovative brand experiences using virtual reality, live streaming, and storytelling can help experiential marketers effectively engage and immerse their audiences.

Brands should focus on human-centric technology that will allow people to efficiently engage and explore virtual worlds without physically touching them. Such human-centric tech that doesn’t rely on hands for control, like facial tracking and voice control, helps deliver immersive experiences to audiences.

The author contends brands should be proactive in providing safe social gathering spaces to consumers as they return to physical spaces. Outdoor experiences like creative brand pop-ups lasting for minutes can provide consumers with personalised experiential moments.

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