Reviewing audience requirements and keeping them informed during the crisis will help foster loyalty

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April 21, 2020, 3:31 PM UTC

Businesses should forgo hard-sell for a more helpful and supportive tone.

Organisations should understand their employees are important influencers and should focus on empowering their teams by assigning each employee with a communication role. They should merge all internal and external barriers to break down communication silos and streamline the organisation’s voice.

Corporate communicators should keep their teams together and review their audiences’ need for information. Keeping the customers informed can help build trust and foster loyalty during the pandemic. Marketers should create content that addresses the questions which are more likely be to be raised by their employees, stakeholders and customers.

Businesses can also stay on top of consumers’ minds by sharing essential tips and advice. But, they should ensure their crisis communication is honest and transparent while maintaining an empathetic tone.

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