Marketers should embrace openness and curiosity at the workplace to provide innovative solutions

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April 21, 2020, 5:30 PM UTC

Building teams with cognitive diversity can help businesses encourage curious mindsets and drive creativity and innovation. 

Marketers need to be curious to identify crucial problems and then come up with new and innovative solutions. Businesses should hire people with differences in perspective or information processing styles while building teams for a more open and empathetic approach to problem-solving. 

Using a collaborative way of thinking while ensuring no harsh or judgemental language, can enable marketing professionals to share ideas openly. The author says that embracing curiosity can further help marketers spot new trends, manage ambiguity, identify opportunities as well as mitigate risks. 

Research indicates that companies that foster curiosity benefit from fewer conflicts and better approach towards solving problems. Tech giants like Google keep curiosity in mind while hiring employees. 

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