Creating urgency in the Instagram live sessions can help businesses increase audience participation

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April 20, 2020, 4:09 PM GMT+0

Responding to comments intermittently throughout the live video pushes consumer engagement.

This piece suggests brands should create scarcity to incentivise followers to attend their live video sessions. Businesses can create an offer or invitation with the limited number of spots or a deadline for redemptions to reinforce urgency in broadcasts. Marketers can also host live Q/A sessions to entice viewers and keep them hooked to the live videos.

Brands can use their social media posts to give out details, including outcomes and benefits, of their upcoming live video broadcasts. Promoting live sessions beforehand can help businesses enhance awareness and viewership of their live videos.

After finishing the live video sessions, businesses can repurpose them into subsequent posts and highlights. Reusing the live featured material as posts or highlights can help direct traffic to future broadcasts as well.

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