Businesses can include team bios in their video content to build consumer trust

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April 20, 2020, 3:35 PM UTC

Including corporate cultural content in about pages or optimising product pages with demo clips, can help boost conversions.

Content marketers can transform text and static-based content into videos to implement asset-conversion process into their video strategies. It can not only decrease bounce rates, increase session time and boost page views, but also improve conversions.

Businesses can create videos showcasing the faces behind their products to build trust among consumers. Featuring short clips of employees describing their job roles or merely talking about themselves on the company website can help marketers create engaging video content.

Brands should also encourage customers and clients to send video feedback of their products or services to analyse qualitative information from the consumers’ tone of voice or body language. Marketers can also create video-based FAQs to improve customer support and enhance the overall customer experience.

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