Brands should be careful not to appear opportunistic while launching campaigns during the pandemic

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April 20, 2020, 12:32 PM UTC

They should also focus on media that is well-priced and attributable, while also considering their financial situation during the crisis.

With most consumers sticking to buying only essentials, businesses should evaluate the purpose of their advertising. Madwell’s Chief Creative Officer Chris Sojka said consumers could get “sick” of advertisements showing hope and prayers around tragedies, and it can be a “cheap way of staying top of mind.”

Brands should understand how their products or advertisements can offer value and help consumers in a better way. Organisations can also highlight their efforts to help healthcare professionals or support their employees.

While keeping their financial situation into account, businesses can use social platforms and paid search activities to reach audiences effectively. Brands like McDonald’s and Mazda are also using OTT to enable reach with measurability.

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