PR pitches during the pandemic should not be tone-deaf and must have a human element

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April 17, 2020, 12:10 PM UTC

PR Professionals should think objectively while making any strategic recommendations to clients.

This piece suggests PR agencies should adopt strategies that not only drive results but should also ensure that their pitches are not tone-deaf. PR professionals should ensure that their pitches have a human touch and should not project their clients to be capitalising on the pandemic.

Proactively communicating with the clients and supporting them with resources can help PR people build strong relationships with them. But professionals should think beyond the scope of their work responsibilities while offering help in navigating the crisis. 

Helping clients understand the importance of showcasing good news, like new business or new hires, can motivate others as well to succeed in the current environment. But, this should be done with utmost care and tact to avoid any negative feedback. 

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