Avoid writing long paragraphs while communicating with customers on Facebook Messenger

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April 17, 2020, 4:58 PM UTC

Though two-thirds of consumers prefer using messaging apps to connect with brands, only 31% of businesses are using Messenger. 

Businesses should leverage Facebook Messenger to connect with their prospects and customers effectively. But, they should restrict their messages to two to three sentences and keep them short, precise and easily digestible. In the case of complex consumers queries, businesses should encourage them to continue the conversation on other channels like phone, email or live chat.

Marketers should ensure their messages on Messenger are contextual to avoid unnecessary friction between the brand and its customers. Organisations should craft straightforward messages and avoid using sarcasm or irony to avoid any possible misinterpretations.

Messaging too frequently or sending poorly written content can cause brands to lose consumers. The author further warns that businesses should not forward customer communication to any third party company without consumer consent.

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