Brands should pivot their content strategy if it is not delivering the desired results

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April 15, 2020, 11:26 AM UTC

But don’t change the entire strategy overnight to avoid confusion among customers.

This piece suggests businesses should pivot their strategy if their content is not worthwhile and timely. While the content should align with business goals, it should also be relevant to the customers’ needs at that particular point of time in the market.

Businesses should analyse customers’ behaviour to identify the key areas that need to be re-worked. Marketers can also reach out to the other colleagues in their organisations who have customer-facing roles to create content that is relevant to the consumer’s new lifestyles.

Once brands find out the key areas that need to be pivoted, they should immediately pause all the publishing and implement the changes that provide solutions to the audiences’ new challenges. But the new content should also convey an understanding and empathetic point of view.

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