Have a COVID-19 response team to handle press briefings if employees test positive

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April 07, 2020, 1:27 AM UTC

Unverified or ambiguous responses to media inquiries can damage a brand's reputation.

Creating a COVID-19 response team can help brands monitor the developments regarding the outbreak and effectively respond to media inquiries if an employee tests positive. Be transparent about the case of infection and the safety measures being undertaken in written and verbal communication with reporters.

This article suggests communicating key messages and measures can help convey calm and control over the situation. Brands should prepare their spokespeople to anticipate and prepare answering questions that reporters are most likely to ask.

After answering the most pressing questions about the infected case, brands can communicate their overall COVID-19 response measure. Adequate responses help satisfy the public’s need for information and protect employees and stakeholders. This also diminishes legal risks while promoting credibility and organisational values.

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