Businesses should have a multi-faceted approach to SEO for marketplace websites

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April 03, 2020, 2:25 PM UTC

Marketers should first assess the overall technical state of the website before digging into any issue.

This piece suggests marketplace websites should offer their merchants the ability to add as many details as possible to optimise it for search engines better. Designers can refer to the older marketplaces to analyse ways they have handled important details like keywords and breadcrumbs.

The article states that businesses should list each product in full-categories, sub-categories or indexable facets path. Marketers should then link breadcrumbs to the appropriate categories and use canonical URLs to better index each section.

The author suggests brands should stop featuring out of stock products and instead offer related products as suggestions. Businesses can also add an in-stock notification option to notify users when the product they are interested in is back in stock.

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