Advertisers need to find a balance between content and context to enhance mobile ad performance 

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April 03, 2020, 3:11 PM UTC

According to AppFlyer, downloads without direct marketing efforts have surged 40% in the UK since the lockdown. 

While people are following social distancing due to COVID-19 outbreak, mobile apps are being accessed at record levels. This piece argues advertisers need to find the right balance between content and context to attract new users and create a positive impact on their audiences. 

Think with Google says that by tailoring mobile ads to suit users, organisations can enhance brand engagement and hit performance goals like gaining high-value users. Advertisers can also develop creatives for special occasions to improve CTRs. 

But, brands should adjust campaigns based on changing daily affairs while being sensitive to the current crisis. The author contends advertisers can apply creativity, data intelligence and sensitivity to make strategic decisions and adapt to the growing mobile audience. 

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